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PERSONAL INJURY:  Injured? We have 31 years of trial experience in personal injury cases in State and Federal Courts. Our biography appears in Who’s Who in American Law and other Who’s Who publications. Member, NYSBA and ECBA Lawyer Referral Services Personal Injury Experience Panels. You can find more information by clicking our “Pajak Personal Injury” hyperlink, above.

•  DWI/VTL/PENAL LAW: Charged with a crime? Felony or misdemeanor DWI? Traffic ticket or excessive speed? Mr. Pajak is a former Town Justice and Juvenile Prosecutor ... we can help you in court!

•  CPS/EXPUNGEMENT HEARINGS:  Are you a teacher, police officer or physician subject of an indicated Child Protective Services report? We are sensitive as to how an indicated CPS report can affect your career. As an experienced former CPS attorney and former President of the Social Services Attorney’s Association of New York State, Mr. Pajak uniquely is familiar with CPS expungement issues. Contact us BEFORE you ask the State for an expungement or a modification of your CPS report. Statewide.

•  FAMILY COURT/DIVORCE: Child custody, support, division of assets; division of retirement accounts; valuation of closely held businesses in divorce:  The decisions you make now will affect you for the rest of your life.

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